Working With Your Dentist

Above Patient Sharon: Invisalign and veneers to decrease gum tissue display, discolored and worn dentition.

There are many situations when your dentist may need Dr. DiGiovanni to align your teeth prior to them placing a bridge, implant, veneer, etc.   Think of building a house.  The house needs a solid foundation and framework before the walls and windows can be placed.  The same is true with your teeth, your bite and your smile.  To get the best esthetic and functional result, a lot of thought has to be put into how the teeth are aligned.  About 30% of our practice is comprised of adults.  We have designated "adult seating areas" in each office.   Dr. DiGiovanni will communicate with you to understand your needs and options and with your dentist to ensure your final result will be excellent.

Please CLICK on the photos below to see how Dr. DiGiovanni used braces or Invisalign to align the teeth and the final result with the cosmetic/restorative dentistry in place: