The entire staff is committed to making each patient’s experience in our office a positive one from the first day you arrive in our office to the day your braces are removed and beyond. We find it very rewarding to receive nice notes and comments from patients who were so positively affected by the treatment they received in our office. We are proud to share some of these comments with you.

Scroll down to see some nice notes we've received:



Enclosed is a picture from the recent wedding of our oldest son, Jim. Our four children Jim–25, Dave–24, Katie–22, and Emma–11 are all pictured. You can see your work in their smiles.

We have now been married for 29 years. In looking back, we never encountered an organization such as your orthodontics practice. All four of our children had very positive experiences with you and your staff. Our youngest child, Emma, recently had her braces removed. In that, we will not have any more kids and our visits to your office will be limited, it is time to thank you for your services to our family over the course of many years.

Alesia and I have found you and your staff to be professional, punctual and courteous. As a business, you have done a wonderful job in treating our children with high quality care and respect. We will continue to recommend your services to our friends and acquaintances. We wish you nothing but the best in the future. Please thank your staff for us as well.

Joe E.

Testimonial Feb 2021


Dear Dr. DiGiovanni,

Kind, caring, compassionate, competent, cutting-edge and cheerful professionalism are the words I use to describe my experience of orthodontic care at your office.

I appreciate the entire staffs' commitment to personalized care, professional technique and most importantly, patient understanding and participation.

My children have beautiful and healthy smiles.

Joyce W.



Dear Dr. DiGiovanni

Thank you so much for your kindness and your sincere generosity. Both Ryder and I have been given wonderful orthodontic care by you and your amazing and wonderful staff. Please know that if there is a time I can refer anyone for ortho care, I will send them your way. Again, thank you for that extra care and kindness.

Perfect Smilers,
Cindy and Ryder


I always wanted my teeth straightened but put it off. When I came to the office, Dr. DiGiovanni told me about Invisalign, and I have to tell you at first I questioned how those trays could fix my teeth.

It turned out that Invisalign was very easy, and in about 6 months, it fixed my teeth perfectly. Dr. DiGiovanni was very attentive to my treatment, making sure it turned out right. His staff is exceptionally friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. DiGiovanni to anyone interested in Invisalign.



Its probably been 8 years since I've been into your offices and I want to congratulate you on the fantastic job you've done creating a super excellent practice everything from a to z is absolutely top notch. I am impressed that you were able to improve upon an already awesome orthodontic office! we are so happy that George will be your patient and he's thrilled fondly, vida k

Thank you for all of your efforts over the years lately has a beautiful smile thanks to you and your staff sincerely Vida


Dear Dr. DiGiovanni

Thank you so much for all you've done for me (and my smile) you and your staff are so good at what you do and I actually loved coming into the office because of how great you guys are! I'm so excited for my new smile-braces free! Thank you for getting me here

- Syndney Griffith


Dear Dr. DiGiovanni
[you have the best dentist ever so just thank you so very much for fixing my excellent smile and teeth.]



Dear Dr. DiGiovanni,

It's been just a week without my braces! I continue to be amazed and pleased at the wonderful, incredible job you did.

Thank you for giving your patients a perfect environment for our visits...friendly office staff, delightful seasonal decorations, brushing stations and smiles all around!!!

The kind note and my 1st picture without braces from you and Sherry is much appreciated.

I am sharing your talents.

Thank you!



Dear Dr. DiGiovanni,

Don and I wanted to write to thank you for taking time from your Sunday (all the more important as it was your son's birthday) to come right over fix his problem. We have always known that the care you give your patients was first rate, but this was an example of going above and beyond. We were so appreciative that you would care enough to make sure Don wasn't in discomfort or cut his mouth on the loose wire.

There is no debate that you are a great orthodontist, but you showed us that you are also a caring and generous person to place your patient's needs above your own. You may call it just part of the job, but to us it was a great gift that Don didn't have to wait to get help.

We thank you find remain grateful for your excellent care.

Frances and Don H.


Dear Dr. DiGiovanni,

What an enjoyable appointment today. My patients have talked about you (all great things!) for years. So it was a delight to get to meet you myself. First off, thank you for helping me to understand what is "going on" with my occlusion. I value your knowledge, experience and expertise! You are truly a gifted doctor. How surprised I was at the end of my appointment when Barbara said when there was "no charge" for all the time you spent with me. Thank you so very much.

Warmest Regards,


Dear Dr. DiGiovanni,

I am one of your patients. I have enjoyed coming to your office for approximately 5 years.

The reason I am writing to you is to let you know how nice Windy was on my last visit. I was there in January. She did a good job and was gentle. Actually, every one of your staff is very nice. Thank you for reading over this letter and for doing a great job on my braces.

Tommy Q.


Dear Dr. DiGiovanni,

Thank you so very much for accommodating the morning office visit in September to remove my braces prior to Dr. Sheet’s procedures. I also want you to know how much I enjoyed being a patient of yours. You are a fun, kind and caring person.

Best Regards,
Sally B.


I think you are the nicest orthodontist ever, and I like coming to you way more than the dentist because you do not hurt me!!!!! We made you some homemade cookies. I hope you like chocolate chip cookies!!!!!

Your Patient,
Ryan C.


Thank you so much Dr. DiGiovanni and staff! I just want to deeply express my gratitude. I just want to say that I am very grateful for all the work and time you all devoted into the care of helping shape my smile. Having braces was such a wonderful experience. It helped shape my character. Prior to having braces, I was very shy. I would cover my mouth when I was going to smile or laugh. My new smile gave me a new sense of confidence. Now I am known for my big, cheesy smile. Thank you again Dr. DiGiovanni and staff!!

Sincerely, a very happy patient,


My daughters are no longer in braces, but I want to let you know how pleased I am with the level of care they received as patients in your office! Their smiles are absolutely perfect! They both get compliments on their smiles all the time. Thank you so much for all your thoroughness and attention to detail that resulted in such an amazing result. You have an incredible, cutting-edge office with a professional and friendly staff. I have and will continue to recommend your office to anyone needing orthodontic care. You’re the best!

Susan C.


As a married couple, who have BOTH been recent patients of Drs. DiGiovanni. Toni and I are enthusiastic cheerleaders for this medical practice!!! Although our orthodontic needs were completely different, the results have been transforming and rewarding. The friendly staff and whimsical office décor are as inviting as it gets. They’ve also embraced 21st century technology, with automated appointment reminders and a first-class website. Wearing braces is not fun, but these professionals make it as pleasant as possible. “Brace Yourself” for a really positive experience.

Terry and Toni M.


Dr. DiGi, you have a beautiful office. My mom loves the new coffee bar and all your fish tanks. The t-shirts are awesome, too. Your receptionists are so nice and patient with everyone. The office is the nicest around; I would know because I have been to a lot of my friend’s appointments. I am glad I go to Dr. DiGiovanni’s office because it is the best around.


Dr. DiGiovanni, I wanted to thank you both for the beautiful teeth my kids have. Their smiles both turned out so great that they could both be in toothpaste ads! You have a wonderful office and staff.

Thank You.
Mariko B.


2, 4, 6, 8 It's you that we appreciate!



My name is Tara Paige, and I am an actress/stunt artist. A year and a half ago, I came to the office in search of an alternative to braces. In my industry, it is essential to look your best at every opportunity, and my “pearly whites” were just not up to par. I didn’t have the luxury of going the route of braces, as they would be visible on camera (and thus cut my job opportunities). Thus, I was suggested Invisalign® as a wonderful solution to the issue.

I felt warm and welcome from the very first time I visited, and it continued on to each and every visit since. The professionalism and attention to detail here is unparalleled, and (though a long and sometimes a bit painful process of straightening teeth) the amazing staff made it as smooth and comfortable as possible.

I highly recommend that if you need any form of teeth correction, that you come here. The overall experience could not have been any better as for the final product! Well, I am extremely happy! My teeth are now perfect, and I was able to get them this way through a method that suited my career and was convenient and unobtrusive.

Thank you to the office of Dr. DiGiovanni for all your help, caring and support!

Tara Paige Patient from Oct. 2009 – summer 2011


Dear Friends,

In a time where customer service seems to be dying, it is alive and well with you! Thank you. Your office atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, not to mention really cool! You and your staff were friendly and just plain nice. Much appreciated. Debra, the way you explained my options so I had a clear understanding was refreshing. Barbara, you took the extra time to help me understand all the options from a payment standpoint, and I thank you for that.

I haven’t used an orthodontist in the past, so I have nobody to compare you to. However, I doubt anyone will provide the same thorough and friendly service anywhere else. Whichever treatment plan I go with, I know it will be carried out with the same level of friendly service as our consultation. I wanted to send you a little thank you.

Eric Gardiner


A huge thank you to you and your staff who helped to “keep me in the game” over the past 15 months!

You are all so patient and great at what you do that it actually was a pleasure to come in for my office visits… Dr. DG can be proud of his office culture! Thanks again for everything, and I promise to be good with retainers.

Deanna R.


Thank you so much for going to Dr. Aspis’ office and removing my braces yourself. It was right before your vacation, and I know you were busy, so I really appreciate you helping me

Natasha D.


Dear Dr. DiGiovanni:

I am writing to let you know we have had a wonderful orthodontic experience. My daughters really like the up-to-date office, and the staff is professional yet relate to the patients in a fun way. From every aspect of this practice, ranging from cool rewards, colorful t-shirts, and unique contests. Dr. DG creates a positive atmosphere that my kids have really enjoyed. I am so pleased with the outcome of their treatment. My daughters have had many compliments about their smiles. I am very happy that I chose your practice for their orthodontic treatment.

Thank you!
Christy E


3 Generations of Smiles – the ultimate ‘Mommy and me’!

Deanna, Lisa and Kate – all patients


I just wanted you to know that your assistant did a wonderful job of thoroughly explaining how she was going to place the braces on my teeth yesterday, what I was to expect and continually checked with me to see if I was OK and if I had any questions. She was pleasant and made me feel totally at ease. I have run a medical practice for many years before and consulted at others and I know how important it is to make patients feel like they are the most important person at the moment (and that is not an easy thing to do)! Rebecca seems to have mastered that talent. I can’t think of anything she did not help me with or that she left out. The first 22 hours have gone just fine, and I thank you for your wonderful care and looking after my teeth as this is something that is hard to do at the age of 54. Your entire office staff is great and welcoming.

Thanks again,
Kathy B.


Dr. DiGiovanni and your wonderful staff, I just wanted to thank you all for taking such good care of me and my teeth. You did the best for me that you could for my difficult case, and I appreciate it. I also admire how well your offices run – efficiently and pleasant to visit.

Best Regards,
Gayle W.


Thank you so much for taking such good care of our three boys. We appreciate the wonderful treatment from both you and your staff.

Foster and Debbie W.


Thank you for all the hard work you put into making Jackie’s smile GORGEOUS!! We can’t thank you enough!

Tom and Sherri


I would, without hesitation, recommend Dr. DiGiovanni! Prior to treatment, I was a “surgery candidate” due to my inability to close my bite. This condition, referred to as an open bite, caused me to suffer gum loss, among other problems. I consulted with several orthodontists and oral surgeons regarding my proposed treatment plan. Unaware of new treatment options, they all recommended that I undergo jaw surgery which is extremely costly, requires a multi-day hospital stay, and many months of recovery. Dr. DiGiovanni, using cutting-edge technology, was able to achieve an excellent result (closing my bite) without surgical intervention. Dr. DiGiovanni also was able to widen my smile resulting in a favorable cosmetic result.

Bianca Carter


Thanks for doing an awesome job and putting up with me.

Ron S.


Dr. DiGiovanni,

You are an artist with teeth and have set the gold standard for orthodontists! We love Jamie’s beautiful smile!

Many thanks,
Jim and Roz F.


To the Drs. and Staff: Thank you so much. I love my new smile! I wanted you to know how impressed I’ve been with the care I’ve received over the past year and a half. My adjustments are always made gently, the girls are always friendly, upbeat and precise with their instruments. It is always a pleasure coming in for my appointments. Find MeFound Me I appreciate the time you always take to explain how my treatment is going and what the next step is. I feel very included in the process. I will highly recommend you to anyone needing orthodontic care – you get an A+ rating for professionalism, kindness and high standards of care!

Lisa L.


Dear Dr. DiGIovanni,

Each time that I look myself in the mirror, I like what I see. I love my smile. I am extremely pleased with the final results. Whenever I go for a check-up or a cleaning, my dentist comments on the amazing orthodontia. I also get positive responses on a regular basis from many different people – sometimes even strangers.

Cheers to you for the outstanding dental work! I wish you well.

Giuseppina M.


Thank you for being a wonderful orthodontist. I appreciate your concern and kindness to my daughter. She is very special and an inspiration to all who know her. We will miss you when we move. You have the best staff, and you both are the best doctors around.

Rossana and Bryanna S.


It is with deep regret to inform you that I have moved out of the area, and I will not be going to your office any more. I would like to thank you and your staff for the incredible work that you did on my teeth. I deeply appreciate your suggestions, concerns and professionalism. You gave me a beautiful smile! I feel that I was extremely well taken care of. Your staff is friendly efficient and professional best wishes to all of you.

G M.


Thank you so much for putting braces on me and working with me this past year and a half. Words honestly can’t express how much I appreciate it since I can remember. I have always been so self-conscious about my smile and teeth, but I am not anymore!

Kristin A.


I want to thank you both for my beautiful bite and smile! I very much appreciate your professionalism – you are both extremely talented and dedicated and it shows in so many ways not only in the wonderful results, but through your excellent staff and your great chairside manner.

Thank you both, and my thanks to all your wonderful staff.

Nancy M.


Dr. DG/Staff,

Thank you so much for all the years that you helped rework Casey’s teeth into the beautiful smile they are today. Years from now, Casey will remember how lucky he was to have an expert orthodontist and assistants that were such pros at your office. Thank you also for the patience of your staff for our forgotten appointments, the wonderful atmosphere which is part of your office, and the extra thought you used to make it a great place for kids.

Most sincerely,
Barb H.


September 8, 2009

Dr. DiGiovanni,

Dr. DiGiovanni recently performed a laser procedure on my son’s gums to expose a tooth that wouldn’t come in, place a bracket on it, and bring the tooth in line with his other teeth. We had already waited and waited for this tooth to come in, but it was stubborn. Of course, the term “laser” was a bit scary, but the procedure could not have gone any better. I was very interested, so I watched the procedure. It took all of 3-5 minutes (prep time was about 10 minutes, and then another 15 or so to place the bracket and replace his wire). I was amazed to see that Zach had zero discomfort during the procedure.

Dr. DiGiovanni advised us that that Zach might be sore later on that day, but he was in less discomfort that day than a usual visit for a wire change. I was truly amazed at the whole process. Within one day, he had completely forgotten the procedure (other than being careful during brushing for about a week) and within the next two days, the tooth was FULLY descended... AMAZING!

We just wanted to say “thank you” and to let others know about our experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend the procedure to other kids in the same situation. In hindsight, we wish we had done the procedure sooner.

Most Sincerely,
Lizzie (mom to Zach, age 9)


Dear Dr. DG,

I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous appointment I had at your Newport office on Friday. My retainer/mouthguard got a tear in it on Friday morning as I was removing it from my mouth (obviously). I was able to obtain a Friday afternoon appointment, and I was very impressed. One of the things I HATE the most is getting an IMPRESSION done. To make a long story short, Windy did the best impression I have ever had. She was quick, and I didn't even have time to gag. Honestly, she's the best.

Both Jamie and Windy provided the ultimate in customer care and made me feel welcomed and loved. They even acted like they were glad I was there!

You've done a good job with all your "girls,” but I just had to let you know that these two were special with a very leery patient. Thanks so much.



Dear Dr. DiGiovanni,

I will never forget your kindness in helping me keep my beautiful smile!! Thank you for my ongoing care.

Anita L.

I like going to the office because all the staff is so nice! I love picked out my braces colors! I love guessing the staff’s baby pictures. I love the display of the fish. One thing about the staff, the staff is really so polite and nice, but most of all, I love your office!

Your Patient,


Your honesty is greatly appreciated, and the brand you have created with Brace Yourself is second to none! The entire staff is amazing – caring, nurturing and well-educated with every process of the orthodontic procedure!

Familia de Paillas

I am so happy with the job that you did with Jillian’s smile. She had a beautiful smile in her graduation picture!


A HUGE thank you to you and your amazing staff! Connor’s visit on the 8th went above and beyond our expectations! A great big shout out to Windy for awesome bedside manners! Connor left your office happy and asking when we were to return! Thank you all for your kindness!

The Bartolucci’s