Welcome to the Office of Dr. John DiGiovanni!
Orange County Orthodontist and Invisalign Specialist

fish_appt.pngIt is a pleasure to welcome you to the orthodontic practice of Dr. John DiGiovanni who has served in our community for over 20 years. Here you will find a uniquely warm and inviting environment for adults, teens and children with an extraordinary level of care and service.

As a patient in our office you can expect:

  • A caring, expert board certified orthodontist whose knowledge, charisma and honesty truly sets him apart from others in his profession.
  • A highly trained, experienced and professional orthodontic team experienced with both dental braces and Invisalign who are very passionate about what they do – creating healthy and beautiful smiles!
  • One of Southern California’s most comprehensive orthodontic offices, utilizing only the highest quality appliances and the latest technology to produce your perfect smile.

It is well known that our smile is the first thing others notice about us. It is also known that an attractive smile enhances self-esteem and builds self-confidence. We are dedicated to giving each patient a smile that they are proud of and have always wanted.

We’re so glad you are here to share the experience of a wonderful smile with us!