2 Phase Orthodontics

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fish_appt.pngWhat is Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment?

Two-phase treatment is a specialized process that combines orthodontic tooth alignment with orthopedic jaw-structure changes that occur only during a child’s facial growth.

Phase I orthodontics is designed to intercept or prevent a developing bite problem that if left untreated, would ultimately result in the child having a worse problem or compromised result in the future.  The goal of phase I is to obtain a better outcome and more stable result by:

  1. Creating space or avoid tooth extraction
  2. Correcting skeletal problems (open bite, overbite, cross bite, under bite, asymmetries) to avoid jaw surgery
  3. Improve self esteem and confidence by having a healthy and attractive smile during the formative years

When Does Dr. DiGiovanni Prescribe Early Treatment?

Although most children do not require 2 phase treatment, below are examples of patients treated in our office that benefited from interceptive-orthodontic treatment. Please note that there is correction to both the teeth (dental) and the profile (skeletal) in many cases:

Please click on the photos below to see how early orthodontic treatment can make an immeasurable difference in a child’s well being:


    No. If your child has a bite problem that requires interceptive treatment, do not expect it to improve with time. Often what occurs is just the opposite – over time many orthodontic problems get worse. For example, a palate expander in about one month’s time can create space for an 8-year-old child with crowded teeth. However, if left untreated, the crowded teeth can encroach upon the other teeth and push them out of alignment. This could result in tooth impaction, tooth extraction or another more severe dental problem.


    Our office, staff and doctor pride ourselves at being great with children. Dr. DiGiovanni has a very gentle “chair-side” manner and enjoy treating young patients. They have designed an upbeat, fun and interactive office with kids in mind and have hand-picked a specialized staff that love to treat children as well.

    Palate Expansion to eliminate crowding

    What is a Palate Expander?

    Palate expanders are orthodontic appliances used to create space in a growing child's mouth. The goal of palatal expansion is to widen narrow palates to correctly align the upper teeth and jaw. Find MeFound MeExpansion of a narrow upper jaw results in a broader and more beautiful smile and often eliminates the need to extract any adult teeth. The results are amazing! Palate expansion can only occur in young patients before the jaw fully develops (fuses). After this time, surgery is required to expand the palate.

    The most effective way to prevent bad bites and crowded teeth while obtaining a broader and more beautiful smile is by palate expansion at a young age.

    Palate Expansion Treatment

    Dr. DiGiovanni prescribes different expanders tailored to your child’s specific needs. Palate expanders are “glued in” (fixed in place and not removable) and for most patients, expanders are in place for 6-8 months. In young children palate expansion is predictable, precise and occurs so gradually there is typically no discomfort.

    Example 1 before
    Photos: Expansion of palate to correct bite
    Example 2 after
    X-rays: Show space created for adult teeth

    In our office, you will find fun contests, games, prizes, video games, TVs to watch your chair, and even refreshments to enjoy during your visit. Our entire staff focuses on making each patient’s experience in our office a positive one -which includes making sure they feel at ease at each appointment.

    Olivia & Claire H. (Left: After Phase 1 / Right: After Phase 2)