How much longer until my braces come off?

This is by far the most common question asked by our patients each day. Wilckodontics combines orthodontics with an outpatient surgical procedure to dramatically decrease the amount of time a patient wears braces.

Most major advances in orthodontics have been mechanical in nature. Braces have become smaller and more precise archwires have gone through a dramatic metamorphosis from stiff wires that deliver heavy short-term forces to temperature reactive wires that deliver more gentle longer-term forces. Wilckodontics utilizes an outpatient surgical procedure that focuses to include these advances by exploiting the potential of the surrounding bone to better respond to these forces resulting in decreased time to complete orthodontic cases.

With the Wilckodontic procedure, select adolescent and adult orthodontic cases can be completed 3 to 4 times faster than conventional orthodontic treatment. This is accomplished by combining efficient orthodontic mechanics without patient surgical modification of the supporting structures of the teeth. The end result is structurally sound straight teeth completed in a much shorter treatment time.

Dr. DiGiovanni is one of the few orthodontists in Southern California to obtain Wilckodontic certification.

For a more detailed explanation of the Wilckodontic technique, feel free to consult with Dr. DiGiovanni or refer to the Wilckodontic website: http://www.wilckodontics.com/Consumers/index.html.