Thermal Wires

Heat "Activated" Arch-Wires align teeth more quickly and comfortably than
traditional stainless steel wires.

Much of the current research in the science of orthodontics has been focused on the development of appliances and materials that can (1) move teeth more quickly and (2) with less discomfort. Heat-activated "NiTi" archwires are one such appliance that can accomplish both of these feats. As a result, these wires provide the orthodontist with the ability to speed up their patient's treatment while decreasing discomfort. A total win-win situation.

Thermal NiTi wires are flexible at room temperature and they are easy to engage into the braces on the teeth. Over time, the warmth of the mouth "activates" these wires and they begin to gradually reshape, gently moving teeth into position. This light-continuous pressure is very efficient at moving teeth quickly and comfortably resulting in less time wearing braces. The total force exerted by these wires as they align teeth is approximately half of that of older stainless steel wires. In our office we use the highest quality, state-of-the-art thermal wires available and we are very pleased with the results they obtain.

If you have any questions about these wires... ask Dr. DiGiovanni. He knows them well. He did his Master's Thesis on a topic about these wires!