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Lasers in Orthodontics

Patients having orthodontic treatment today are interested in more than just straight teeth. Patients are interested in well-aligned, beautiful white teeth, ideal bite and function, ideal gingival esthetics, well-proportioned faces and gorgeous smiles. We are aware of our patient’s expectations and utilize the latest developments that enable us to achieve the best result possible. The soft-tissue laser is one additional tool the orthodontist can incorporate in their practice to improve their patient’s treatment and optimize the design of their smile.

Orthodontic lasers have numerous applications that can benefit our patients:

  • Cosmetic shaping of gum tissue to make the teeth look bigger
  • Reducing overgrown/puffy gum tissue to improve oral hygiene
  • Get rid of canker sores quickly
  • Expose impacted teeth to decrease treatment time
  • Decreasing a “gummy smile”

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