Itero Scanner

The iTero digital impression system replaces the uncomfortable, unpleasant tasting, messy and sometimes, inaccurate traditional impression taking. Using the most advanced technology available, iTero enables us to capture a digital scan of the patient’s teeth and bite and make necessary adjustments immediately. Once the complete scan is finished, we are able to submit the images via the Internet to our nearest Cadent-partnering lab, where they will be processed and a custom-fabricated restoration will be created.

This revolutionary technology allows us to start with a perfect model, which will ensure perfect results in the end.

Now has the iTero Digital scanner that makes mouth impressions obsolete!

Dr. DiGiovanni’s orthodontic practice in Newport Beach, California has raised the bar. No more sitting in a chair with your mouth full of impression material for extended periods of time trying not to gag.


What are the advantages over traditional impressions?

First, you don't have to have the gooey impression material in your mouth! But just as important, the imaging quality is superior to results achieved with impressions made with putty. Your dental record is amazingly accurate. Results are immediate; the image is uploaded to Invisalign in seconds. This means you get your Invisalign trays in 1 week instead of 4 weeks!

There is a reason why Dr. DiGiovanni is a top Invisalign provider in the nation. Our Invisalign practice continues to be innovative and on top of the latest and best technology that benefits the doctor and the patient.

Feel free to contact Dr. DiGiovanni personally if you have any questions regarding this new technology in our office.