Accelerated Treatment


Finish Your Orthodontic Treatment in 33% to 50% Less Time!

We are excited to announce that Dr. DiGiovanni and his staff have been trained and are one of the most experienced office providing the AcceleDent system to their patients.

It's pretty easy and very effective! The appliance is used in conjunction with braces or removable appliances like Invisalign. You use it for 20 minutes daily and it can decrease your treatment time by as much at 50%.

Dr. DiGiovanni was a consultant for AcceleDent and is now one of the first doctors in the United States to offer this to his patients.

This appliance can be used from the onset of your treatment or initiated to patients currently undergoing treatment.

It is a very easy and painless process. If you are interested in decreasing the amount of time your orthodontic treatment takes, just ask any staff member to schedule a consultation with Dr. DiGiovanni to see if it will benefit your specific case.