Welcome to our VIP
(Very Important Patient) Reward Game

Very Important Patient Points 

VIP Patient Rewards:

Successful orthodontics is a team effort and YOU are our key player! Excellent patient compliance is the most important thing in getting the best smile possible in the shortest amount of time. 

We have created our Very Important Patient (VIP Program) to recognize your commitment to orthodontic treatment and congratulate your winning achievements. Our VERY IMPORTANT PATIENT (VIP) Patient Reward Program is an incentive program based on cooperation during your treatment. You set the bar… every visit is an opportunity to earn VIP Coins for amazing prizes.

Here are some examples of ways you can earn VIP Coins during your treatment.

  • Great brushing (this is the most important thing. We will let you know how if your oral hygiene is excellent you can earn 10x multiplier points!)
  • No loose or broken braces
  • Wearing your elastics as prescribed
  • Visiting your dentist regularly during treatment
  • Referring friends and family
  • Being on time
  • Getting good grades
  • “Liking” us on Facebook
  • And So Much More!

You will be given all the details of the program when you visit our office.

Important Forms


For our future patients not quite ready to start treatment:



Even though you are not quite ready for treatment… you are still a part of our practice family in our office. Being a Guppy Club member is fun!

Here are a few ways you can earn VIP Coins:

  • Having excellent oral hygiene (being a really good tooth brusher)
  • Scheduling your next growth guidance appointment
  • Bringing your Guppy to your or your brother or sister’s appointment
  • Each baby tooth lost
  • Graduating from the Guppy Club to active treatment

You can save or cash-in your coins for PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES!!!!!!!!

At your new patient exam you will be given a GUPPY, a coin cube, rules of the contest and a prize list.

Be sure to bring in your guppy at each pre-treatment visit to earn VIP Coins.  Here’s a bonus, you get 25 bonus VIP Coins the day you graduate from being a Guppy!

THE ADULT SWIM (Adult VIP Contest- because adults like to play too!)



Our adult patients get the choice to collect VIP coins or be in our Adult Patient Contest

At each of your visits you will be given a pog for you to enter in the monthly contest drawing for GREAT PRIZES.   Dinner for 2 at Mastros, Car washes for a year, Couples massage at Salon Gregory just to name three.  You will be given a sheet of all the prizes the day you start your treatment.